TARVAND SINA TAJHIZ is a growth-oriented company founded in 1998 in Isfahan, Iran. TST serves as a provider of test services, such as vast range of ELISA, IFA, and RIA kits from major manufacturers to the medical community. Our distribution expertise strives to offer product lines that suit the constantly changing needs of local medical facilities, TST has grown to provide products and excellent customer service throughout the entire country.

In order to support our mission, TST will continue to provide products and services that enhance quality of life and provide functional and financial value to the health care community. Our strategic focus has been on the development of enabling technology, and providing methods and consultation in the research and marketing of innovate health care products all over Iran.

Over the years, TST has built long-lasting customer relationship that advance the company’s research and development efforts leading to the introduction of innovate products that accelerate scientific discovery and improve health care. Our commitment to providing customers with quality products and responsive customer support has been, and continue to be, the key to our success.