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    Anti-MAG antibody ELISA

Anti-MAG antibody ELISA

The anti-MAG antibody ELISA test by BÜHLMANN is the acknowledged Gold standard by many Neurologists and Laboratories to reliably quantify anti-MAG antibodies in immune-mediated demyelinating neuropathies. Based on highly purified MAG from human brain, the assay is characterized by outstanding sensitivity and specificity. Anti-MAG antibody ELISA may be used as stand-alone test or in combination with BÜHLMANN GanglioCombiTM MAG ELISA to confirm auto-antibodies against MAG.



Time to result

5 h (approx.)

Sample type

2 µl serum (1:1000)

Standard range

1000 – 70000 BTU


1000 BTU

Order code

EK-MAG 96 wells